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 Results of SSC Part II Science 2013 Karachi

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Roll NumberTotal MarksObtained MarksPercentageGrade
30262485079193.06%A1 Grade
31732185079092.94%A1 Grade
44151485078992.82%A1 Grade
46417485078992.82%A1 Grade
43172485078892.71%A1 Grade
45008985078892.71%A1 Grade
30262685078792.59%A1 Grade
43094685078792.59%A1 Grade
43516485078792.59%A1 Grade
46413485078792.59%A1 Grade
30427385078692.47%A1 Grade
42825385078692.47%A1 Grade
43094085078692.47%A1 Grade
43338285078692.47%A1 Grade
43409285078692.47%A1 Grade
43094885078592.35%A1 Grade
43727585078592.35%A1 Grade
32175085078492.24%A1 Grade
43255385078492.24%A1 Grade
44270785078492.24%A1 Grade
45009185078492.24%A1 Grade
43951285078392.12%A1 Grade
44001085078392.12%A1 Grade
44297085078392.12%A1 Grade
44367385078392.12%A1 Grade
43285885078292%A1 Grade
43813185078292%A1 Grade
43827785078292%A1 Grade
43900885078292%A1 Grade
44154985078292%A1 Grade
44156085078292%A1 Grade
44311385078292%A1 Grade
47777485078292%A1 Grade
30660285078191.88%A1 Grade
31562285078191.88%A1 Grade
36004785078191.88%A1 Grade
43214385078191.88%A1 Grade
43814185078191.88%A1 Grade
44311685078191.88%A1 Grade
45081485078191.88%A1 Grade
45271385078191.88%A1 Grade
46416285078191.88%A1 Grade
30263585078091.76%A1 Grade
31593885078091.76%A1 Grade
42802285078091.76%A1 Grade
43253685078091.76%A1 Grade
43516585078091.76%A1 Grade
45038785078091.76%A1 Grade
30264485077991.65%A1 Grade
30648985077991.65%A1 Grade
43078385077991.65%A1 Grade
43096385077991.65%A1 Grade
43204985077991.65%A1 Grade
43255585077991.65%A1 Grade
44368985077991.65%A1 Grade
44664285077991.65%A1 Grade
45121385077991.65%A1 Grade
46344785077991.65%A1 Grade
30247085077891.53%A1 Grade
30900585077891.53%A1 Grade
31689285077891.53%A1 Grade
43074885077891.53%A1 Grade
43801985077891.53%A1 Grade
44079385077891.53%A1 Grade
44087585077891.53%A1 Grade
44657585077891.53%A1 Grade
44799185077891.53%A1 Grade
46169085077891.53%A1 Grade
47425285077891.53%A1 Grade
30262185077791.41%A1 Grade
31276485077791.41%A1 Grade
31691385077791.41%A1 Grade
32305085077791.41%A1 Grade
32358585077791.41%A1 Grade
43093485077791.41%A1 Grade
43095485077791.41%A1 Grade
43301685077791.41%A1 Grade
43516685077791.41%A1 Grade
44341585077791.41%A1 Grade
44555285077791.41%A1 Grade
45082985077791.41%A1 Grade
30941985077691.29%A1 Grade
31851385077691.29%A1 Grade
32789985077691.29%A1 Grade
43094785077691.29%A1 Grade
43264485077691.29%A1 Grade
44367185077691.29%A1 Grade
44407385077691.29%A1 Grade
44556485077691.29%A1 Grade
44557185077691.29%A1 Grade
44657485077691.29%A1 Grade
45158985077691.29%A1 Grade
46416585077691.29%A1 Grade
30665685077591.18%A1 Grade
30682085077591.18%A1 Grade
30721785077591.18%A1 Grade
31688785077591.18%A1 Grade
31996785077591.18%A1 Grade
32304685077591.18%A1 Grade
44068385077591.18%A1 Grade
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