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 Results of HSC Part II Commerce (Private) 2013 Karachi

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Roll NumberTotal MarksObtained MarksPercentageGrade
135521110087379.36%A Grade
150583110083575.91%A Grade
140588110083175.55%A Grade
140401110082975.36%A Grade
138947110082875.27%A Grade
136008110081774.27%A Grade
134823110081574.09%A Grade
136483110081574.09%A Grade
135478110081474%A Grade
131678110081373.91%A Grade
136934110081373.91%A Grade
141730110081373.91%A Grade
150956110081373.91%A Grade
137603110080973.55%A Grade
137580110080573.18%A Grade
145981110080573.18%A Grade
131472110080272.91%A Grade
136057110080272.91%A Grade
136327110080172.82%A Grade
137670110080172.82%A Grade
136310110080072.73%A Grade
137600110080072.73%A Grade
137623110080072.73%A Grade
138831110080072.73%A Grade
138935110080072.73%A Grade
131812110079972.64%A Grade
135700110079972.64%A Grade
136073110079972.64%A Grade
136495110079972.64%A Grade
137448110079972.64%A Grade
138083110079972.64%A Grade
140490110079972.64%A Grade
143740110079972.64%A Grade
130088110079872.55%A Grade
130324110079872.55%A Grade
132967110079872.55%A Grade
137444110079872.55%A Grade
150363110079872.55%A Grade
134203110079772.45%A Grade
136068110079772.45%A Grade
136301110079772.45%A Grade
144207110079772.45%A Grade
133060110079672.36%A Grade
133314110079672.36%A Grade
134974110079672.36%A Grade
136311110079672.36%A Grade
136482110079372.09%A Grade
138933110079372.09%A Grade
144902110079372.09%A Grade
133289110079272%A Grade
148433110079272%A Grade
138496110079171.91%A Grade
130318110079071.82%A Grade
136051110079071.82%A Grade
130460110078971.73%A Grade
136378110078971.73%A Grade
130163110078871.64%A Grade
133092110078871.64%A Grade
138732110078871.64%A Grade
138951110078871.64%A Grade
136157110078771.55%A Grade
141239110078771.55%A Grade
136565110078671.45%A Grade
137682110078671.45%A Grade
134816110078571.36%A Grade
137313110078571.36%A Grade
137598110078571.36%A Grade
146020110078571.36%A Grade
145370110078371.18%A Grade
134147110078271.09%A Grade
137581110078271.09%A Grade
147389110078271.09%A Grade
135835110078070.91%A Grade
137333110078070.91%A Grade
137585110078070.91%A Grade
138735110078070.91%A Grade
135690110077870.73%A Grade
138502110077870.73%A Grade
134346110077770.64%A Grade
136342110077770.64%A Grade
137301110077770.64%A Grade
133474110077670.55%A Grade
146023110077570.45%A Grade
137639110077470.36%A Grade
135004110077270.18%A Grade
133042110077170.09%A Grade
137586110077170.09%A Grade
132905110077070%A Grade
141254110077070%A Grade
130547110077070%A Grade
137477110077070%A Grade
144600110077070%A Grade
150965110077070%A Grade
131625110077070%A Grade
131916110077070%A Grade
138950110077070%A Grade
134310110077070%A Grade
134474110077070%A Grade
130024110076469.45%B Grade
137626110076469.45%B Grade
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