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 Results of HSC Part II Pre-Engineering Annual Examinations 2013 Karachi

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Roll NumberTotal MarksObtained MarksPercentageGrade
721025110098789.73%A1 Grade
704013110098689.64%A1 Grade
711569110098089.09%A1 Grade
721855110098089.09%A1 Grade
721934110097888.91%A1 Grade
721737110097788.82%A1 Grade
703643110097688.73%A1 Grade
708329110097388.45%A1 Grade
721830110097388.45%A1 Grade
721910110097388.45%A1 Grade
721750110097288.36%A1 Grade
751562110097088.18%A1 Grade
718979110096988.09%A1 Grade
718980110096988.09%A1 Grade
760101110096988.09%A1 Grade
703772110096787.91%A1 Grade
718969110096787.91%A1 Grade
721769110096787.91%A1 Grade
721903110096787.91%A1 Grade
712453110096587.73%A1 Grade
703994110096487.64%A1 Grade
723724110096387.55%A1 Grade
724611110096387.55%A1 Grade
763541110096387.55%A1 Grade
710996110096287.45%A1 Grade
721683110096287.45%A1 Grade
721932110096287.45%A1 Grade
755631110096287.45%A1 Grade
702429110096187.36%A1 Grade
703626110096187.36%A1 Grade
711508110096187.36%A1 Grade
719000110096187.36%A1 Grade
722005110096187.36%A1 Grade
721699110096087.27%A1 Grade
721883110096087.27%A1 Grade
752506110096087.27%A1 Grade
718712110095987.18%A1 Grade
718963110095987.18%A1 Grade
703637110095887.09%A1 Grade
703658110095887.09%A1 Grade
721734110095887.09%A1 Grade
724630110095887.09%A1 Grade
751555110095887.09%A1 Grade
702338110095787%A1 Grade
702362110095787%A1 Grade
703603110095787%A1 Grade
711509110095787%A1 Grade
751306110095787%A1 Grade
757702110095787%A1 Grade
703684110095686.91%A1 Grade
708871110095686.91%A1 Grade
721919110095686.91%A1 Grade
711507110095586.82%A1 Grade
718219110095586.82%A1 Grade
721712110095586.82%A1 Grade
701669110095486.73%A1 Grade
702031110095486.73%A1 Grade
703550110095486.73%A1 Grade
703618110095486.73%A1 Grade
709428110095486.73%A1 Grade
711489110095486.73%A1 Grade
719861110095486.73%A1 Grade
720519110095486.73%A1 Grade
720855110095486.73%A1 Grade
702015110095386.64%A1 Grade
703875110095386.64%A1 Grade
703954110095386.64%A1 Grade
703985110095386.64%A1 Grade
704011110095386.64%A1 Grade
708546110095386.64%A1 Grade
708799110095386.64%A1 Grade
710999110095386.64%A1 Grade
712165110095386.64%A1 Grade
716863110095386.64%A1 Grade
718792110095386.64%A1 Grade
720330110095386.64%A1 Grade
721937110095386.64%A1 Grade
700784110095286.55%A1 Grade
702042110095286.55%A1 Grade
702406110095286.55%A1 Grade
702426110095286.55%A1 Grade
702574110095286.55%A1 Grade
706745110095286.55%A1 Grade
709654110095286.55%A1 Grade
711565110095286.55%A1 Grade
713069110095286.55%A1 Grade
719414110095286.55%A1 Grade
736204110095286.55%A1 Grade
700550110095186.45%A1 Grade
702428110095186.45%A1 Grade
703776110095186.45%A1 Grade
703989110095186.45%A1 Grade
706535110095186.45%A1 Grade
711531110095186.45%A1 Grade
712265110095186.45%A1 Grade
713269110095186.45%A1 Grade
721686110095186.45%A1 Grade
721758110095186.45%A1 Grade
721972110095186.45%A1 Grade
723782110095186.45%A1 Grade
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