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 Results of SSC Part II General Group 2013 Karachi

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Roll NumberTotal MarksObtained MarksPercentageGrade
55846585060170.71%A Grade
55846685060170.71%A Grade
55921285060170.71%A Grade
55950985060170.71%A Grade
55993085060170.71%A Grade
55993585060170.71%A Grade
56038585060170.71%A Grade
56155985060170.71%A Grade
56179085060170.71%A Grade
56179185060170.71%A Grade
56190585060170.71%A Grade
56199985060170.71%A Grade
56239385060170.71%A Grade
56267485060170.71%A Grade
56355285060170.71%A Grade
60025985060170.71%A Grade
60073885060170.71%A Grade
61568585060170.71%A Grade
64022885060170.71%A Grade
52578685060070.59%A Grade
52641885060070.59%A Grade
52676285060070.59%A Grade
52730485060070.59%A Grade
52788985060070.59%A Grade
52826485060070.59%A Grade
52838985060070.59%A Grade
52857785060070.59%A Grade
54520585060070.59%A Grade
55082785060070.59%A Grade
55152685060070.59%A Grade
55175385060070.59%A Grade
55317985060070.59%A Grade
55341585060070.59%A Grade
55389685060070.59%A Grade
55869285060070.59%A Grade
55906785060070.59%A Grade
55924285060070.59%A Grade
55969685060070.59%A Grade
55993885060070.59%A Grade
56003985060070.59%A Grade
56038785060070.59%A Grade
56230585060070.59%A Grade
60098585060070.59%A Grade
60151685060070.59%A Grade
62558685060070.59%A Grade
62585885060070.59%A Grade
52572885059970.47%A Grade
52591985059970.47%A Grade
52729285059970.47%A Grade
52743485059970.47%A Grade
52762585059970.47%A Grade
52795385059970.47%A Grade
52858285059970.47%A Grade
52931185059970.47%A Grade
55169085059970.47%A Grade
55172185059970.47%A Grade
55325485059970.47%A Grade
55357985059970.47%A Grade
55410385059970.47%A Grade
55431785059970.47%A Grade
55435985059970.47%A Grade
55842185059970.47%A Grade
55860585059970.47%A Grade
55871285059970.47%A Grade
55908985059970.47%A Grade
55914685059970.47%A Grade
55962685059970.47%A Grade
56016485059970.47%A Grade
56052885059970.47%A Grade
56058985059970.47%A Grade
56087185059970.47%A Grade
56176085059970.47%A Grade
56183685059970.47%A Grade
56267685059970.47%A Grade
60165585059970.47%A Grade
60234485059970.47%A Grade
60295085059970.47%A Grade
61074285059970.47%A Grade
52559485059870.35%A Grade
52589385059870.35%A Grade
52609585059870.35%A Grade
52626285059870.35%A Grade
52695085059870.35%A Grade
52765585059870.35%A Grade
52770685059870.35%A Grade
52809785059870.35%A Grade
52867085059870.35%A Grade
55046585059870.35%A Grade
55082085059870.35%A Grade
55253085059870.35%A Grade
55326785059870.35%A Grade
55350185059870.35%A Grade
55481985059870.35%A Grade
55788985059870.35%A Grade
55827985059870.35%A Grade
55970785059870.35%A Grade
56037285059870.35%A Grade
56131485059870.35%A Grade
56198085059870.35%A Grade
56224585059870.35%A Grade
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